Abasiyah.wordpress.com is managed by Ngabdur Rohman, who was born in Kebumen, January 1, 1994. His nickname is Ngabdur. He is located in the village Karangsari, Kutowinangun district, Kebumen district, Central Java. He completed his education at the SDN 2 Karangsari 2005. Forwarded in SMPN 3 Kutowinangun and graduated in 2008. Now studying at SMAN 1 Kebumen 2012.

This time may still be listed as a State high school students Kebumen. A secondary school which is famous for its pretasinya both district and the province of Central Java, namely SMA Negeri 1 Kebumen. SMA is located in jalam Maj. Sutoyo 7, Kebumen. Ngabdur been a champion of the race course in physics in 2011 the county level. OSN won the district level as the top 3 in 2009. OSN Menjarai a district championship in 2010.

While studying at the Junior High School Kutowinangun, had become chairman of the council as class 2. But unfortunately, it was not so successful in the lead. Ngabdur lususan listed as the best student school is. Ngabdur is the only high school students who are enrolled in the School 1 Kebumen. Actually, he signed up with a friend. But unfortunately he did not pass the selection. Finally, he studied at SMA 1 Kutowinangun. He was named Nasir Mahmud. He was the son of a merchant in the market kutowinangun. We are from grade 1 to grade three classmates always.

Ngabdur became interested in the business since high school class X and class XII began intense person by his while. He aspires to become a successful entrepreneur both the world and hereafter. He wants to continue his education at a prestigious university in Bandung. ITB is the main option sebelun University of Indonesia.

You can contact Ngabdur Rohman by filling out the contact form on this site. You may also call Ngabdur through other social media networks: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


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