National Examination

Nowadays, national examination becomes very popular among the people. Do you know why? It is because the people think that national examination is still full of pros and contras but the government still runs it. Oh, do you know what national examination is? Here, national examination is the final examination that should be done for student of elementary school, junior high school and senior high school that will determine the result after studying there. So, it makes a great deal of discussion about it because its related to student’s need. Well, let’s reveal together the two sides of national examination.

National examination is held as a parameter to measure what we already studied for 3 years back and as a tool to determine a student’s quality. National Final Examination should be made, in order to find out the different attainment targets of the national standard. With the National examination, we will know the specific region that has been able to reach the target, for the future needs to be improved, well for region which has not reached it. They must improve their quality of education.

We know that based on Minister of Education issued regulations 74 and 75 of the national examination Study Guide 2009-2010 elementary and National examination Junior High School/ Senior High School/ vocational school, was signed by Education Minister Bambang Sudibyo as of October 13, 2009. One mentioned that the result of the national examination is used as one of the considerations for determining the graduation of students from the program and educational National Examination.

The importance of the national examination is not just a determinant of graduation but also for mapping. From the mapping, the intervention of central government policy on improving the quality of schools that got and bad mark of national examination today can be repaired
On one hand, national examination calculating is not the same as calculating system that is used in every school in Indonesian. Calculating system is composed by cognitive, skill, and attitude. National examination only used cognitive without caring about other aspect. In fact of lesson that used national examination compose of math, biology, physic, chemistry, Indonesia, and English without caring other lesson such as nihon-go, ICT and etc. If national examination is still used, so what we study about non examination lesson for?

Moreover, national examination makes student must memorized about national examination lesson. This condition makes student depression. They are worried about national examination, if they can’t pass it. They will be sad and make their parents disappointed. Moreover they don’t have second chance although they can follow packet A, B,C but it doesn’t has as same quality with national examination. If we can’t pass national examination we can’t register into PTN.

In fact, every school has different facilities. Not every school has materials needed to national examination. For example is speaker. Our school has speaker in every class but in other school may be not, like in deep of Papua and other problem is about generator electric supply. If electrics supply from PLN is stopped. Our school will turn on genset. How about the school without genset? The problem is also in the distribution.

The qualities of schools are very various. For example the quality of SMAN 1 KEBUMEN with other school is different. The quality of SMAN 1 KEBUMEN is better than other school in Kebumen because the human resource of SMAN 1 KEBUMEN and facilities of education are better than other school. We can look that there is a big different between SMAN 1 KEBUMEN and other school. So it’s not fair if it were looked by the same standard.

So, we can conclude that national examination is used to determine the graduation of students after studied for 3 years. In other hand, some students are worried if they can’t pass the national examination, they can’t enrole to University. National examination is also used to mapping the graduation in every school because every school has differences quality. From it we can rise the quality of the school having low graduation level. However, national examination only uses cognitive tests without caring other aspects such as practice tests.


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